Why Fancybox?

As an independent company Fancybox will help you get started in e-business. We provide high-quality Web services at reasonable prices. As a full service agency we operate in all areas of Web services starting from domain registration, website design and development, hosting and SEO up to planning and implementation of effective tools to promote your projects online. Thereby, all your projects will be smoothly fulfilled so you can concentrate on other important matters. Having the right skills and technologies we convert ideas into real business results. We believe that your success is our success therefore we’ll do everything to achieve it.

Websites and e-commerce1

Thanks to our expanded team we can design, code, test and implement your website. We specialize in building simple websites as well as expanded Web portals. Services we implement are based on the most popular Content Management Systems which make website’s management easy and intuitive. OUR OFFER

Visual identification2

We combine creativity with innovation to create high-quality products and, at the same time, remain consistent with the objectives and needs of the companies. Our solutions, supported by experience, will distinguish your business from the competition, attract new customers and strengthen ties with the existing ones. OUR OFFER

Digital marketing3

We can help you find potential customers by reaching the right people on Social Media. We develop and implement a communication strategy on major websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. We provide a full support of your brand’s profile starting from creating graphic elements, suitable content and contests for fans and ending with developing customized applications. We will create an engaged social media community around your brand. OUR OFFER

Positioning and SEO audit4

Website positioning involves a number of activities that influence high position in the search engines’ rankings for a particular phrase. Our position strategy will put your service on one of the top positions of Google, which will make your brand recognizable and maximize your sales. We focus on efficiency. OUR OFFER

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